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Ladies and Gentlemen

Ladies and Gentlemen

Ladies and Gentlemen


Cholmondeley Productions



 A beguiling and jocular soire of magic, music and dance.

 Besieged by an ever shifting and bewildering miscellany of inscrutable and enigmatic props, the last sorry remnants of a legendary music hall family doggedly endeavour to reconstruct fragments of misremembered routines and hazily recollected punch-lines, in a hopeless attempt to revive their all but forgotten Music Hall act.

Performers: Gareth Clark, Lauren Lee-Jones, Belinda Neave, Morega Palser, Caroline Sabin and Bert Van Gorp

Choreography and direction: Lea Anderson

Words, music and musical direction: Steve Blake

Design: Tim Spooner

Chapter Arts, Cardiff, 4th-8th February 2014


Supported by Arts Council Wales

Choreo Cymru

Chapter Arts

The Twins

The Twins

Ladies and Gentlemen will be touring the UK in 2015.

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