Photo by Andrew Fox

Photo by Andrew Fox


  1. Sandra

    Dear Lea, do you work with writers for performance as well? I wonder If your approaches and tools for devising performances could be adapted and converted into writing strategies? I look forward to hearing from you.
    Sandra Buch, Tutor in playwriting and Dramaturg, The Danish National School of Performing Arts

  2. Alan Russell

    Have just read about your research performance with LCD graduates on Saturday Oct 10th.
    Would love to come and see this. Is that possible? If so, where is it on?

  3. Absolutely loved the BBC documentary!! Have recently moved to London wasn’t aware of your work Lea. It’s right up my alley! Please I would love to be updated with new work and even if you ever have open auditions where you require a mature woman who is trained in classical, contemporary dance as well as theatre please let me know. Jacqueline

  4. Caroline

    I saw Out on the windy beach at Greenwich naval college in 1998 and loved it. There was a beautiful folk song about a wreck that the dancers performed to, but I can’t remember what the title was and would love to know.

  5. Karen Cray

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you…I saw Hand in Glove at the V&A and it was bloody bloody fantastic! I have contacted the LCSD with a view to obtaining at least a couple of DVDs of the performance but have heard nothing since. I am anxious not to miss out! Are you able to advise if there will be a DVD of this magnificent performance?

  6. Claire Butler

    Good afternoon,

    I am bringing a group of students to see your show at the Jersey Opera House next week. I was wandering if you are holding workshops at all whilst you are here?

    Thank you
    Claire Butler
    Hautlieu School

    • Lea

      Dear Claire
      Thank you for your message.
      I am afraid that the Opera House have not organised any workshops,- I would have been happy to do one!
      Maybe you could contact the venue and let them know for future presentations. I think it might be too late now, -although I will be in Jersey from Monday.
      I look forward to my trip to Jersey next week and hope your students enjoy the show.
      I look forward to seeing you there.
      best wishes


    Please call Vernon Sawyer of legendary classic soul group BLUE MAGIC at 917-609-3384 or 917-609-3382 asap. Possible collaboration. 45 years in the bizness and still going strong. Thanks

  8. Martin Duckworth & Anne Larsson Duckworth

    Dear Lea, Anne & I watched Elvis Legs (Quarantine Mix) at the premier and on a couple of occasions at one of the weekend streaming sessions. We are Anders’s parents so probably biased. Nevertheless we have now seen it three times and it is both a distilation of the spirit of coronavirus times and a wonderful collaboration to make a joyful and playful dance piece executed with great verve and commitment. This is a piece created for the screen and we wondered if there are any plans to make it available again either streamed or downloadable. We would be happy to to pay for this. Maybe dance should always be a transitory phenomenon but it is not ephemeral. We would be delighted to be able to be delighted by it again! P.S. thank you for the photos and cards you sent to us.

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