Academic writings and other articles on the work of Lea Anderson

2018 Edges, Frames and Edits by Lea Anderson, commissioned by The Wapping Project,

2017 Studies in Costume and Performance: : Reflections on a performed costume exhibition and the stories behind the garments. Article by Mary Kate Connolly on Lea Anderson’s use of costume.Hand in Glove:…/view-issue,id=3318/

2017 Article about British Council commission to work with the Elenco Nacional de Folclore, Lima in El Comercio newspaper (in Spanish)  as part of the FAE Lima festival.                                                                

2016 Interview in Tilt magazine about Hand In Glove at the V&A museum.                                        

2016 Article in Mode and Motion Magazine on Hand In Glove by Gareth Chambers

2015 Review of Ladies & Gentlemen at The Place Theatre by Sanjoy Roy

2009 Susan Leigh Foster (and other authors) Dancing With Iris, -The Philosophy of Iris Marion Young Oxford University Press
Chapter 6. Throwing Like a Girl, Dancing Like a Feminist Philosopher

2009 Valerie A. Briginshaw and Ramsay Burt, Writing dancing Together, Palgrave Macmillan
Chapter 4. Façade, Elvis Legs and the Humorous Pleasures of Dancing
Chapter 6. “Don’t Mention Busby Berkley”: A reassessment of Lea Anderson’s Yippeee!!!

2008 Henia Rottenberg- Eroticism – Pornography For The Elite? A close reading of Lea Anderson’s The Featherstonehaughs Draw on the Sketchbooks of Egon Schiele (1998)

2007 Compiled by Valerie Preston Dunlop, Dance Words (Choreography and Dance Studies Series), Routledge

2005 Edited by Renee Price, Egon Schiele: The Ronald S. Lauder And Serge Sabarsky Collections,  Prestel  Schiele and Contemporary Culture

2001 February Dodds, S, Lea Anderson – Breaking the Boundaries of High Art, Dancing Times,

2001 May Naylor, C, Come dancing, Vogue,

2001 Valerie A. Briginshaw, Dance, Space and Subjectivity, Palgrave
Chapter 8. Fleshy Corporealities in Trisha Brown’s If You Couldn’t See Me. Lea Anderson’s Joan and Yolande Snaith’s Blind faith

2000 Hargreves, M, Vernal viewing: Spring Loaded and beyond, Dance Theatre Journal, Vol. 16, No. 2,

2000 Dodds, S, A game of two halves, pp 30-32, Dance Theatre Journal, Vol. 16, No. 3,

1999 Dancing Texts; Intertextuality in Interpretation, Dance Books Ltd, London,

1999 Dodds, S, ‘A Streetwise Urban Chic’:Popular Culture & Intertextuality in the work of Lea Anderson, in Adshead-Lansdale, J (ed.), Dancing Texts; Intertextulaity in Interpretation, Dance Books, London, 1999

1999 Bremser, M, Chapter 2, pp. 18-21, Fifty Contemporary Choreographers, Routledge, London,

1997 Friedler, S.E, & Glazer, S.B (ed.s), Dancing Female: Lives and Issues of Women in Comtemporary Dance,

1995/1996 Briganshaw, V, Getting the Glamour on Our Own Terms, Dance Theatre Journal, Winter

1995/1996 Dodds, S, Lea Anderson and the age of spectacle, Dance Theatre Journal,

1995 Valerie Preston-Dunlop, Dance Words,
1994 Burt, R, Representations of Masculinity in Theatre Dance Special Reference to British New Dance, University of Southampton,

1994 Witzeling, K, Lea Anderson at Kampnagel, Ballet International, July

1992 Adair, C, Women and Dance – Sylphs and Sirens, Macmillan,

1992 Jordan, S, Striding Out: Aspects of contemporary and new dance in Britain, Dance Books, London,

1992 Mackrell, J, Out of Line: The Story of British New Dance, Dance Books, London,

1990 Wilson, E, The new components of the spectacle: Fashion and Post-modernism, in Boyne, R (ed), Postmodernism and Society,
Macmillian Press,

1990 Hughes, D, Cholmondeleys, Dance Theatre Journal, Summer

Dec/Jan 1989 Adair, C, Dance Umbrella: The Cholmondedeleys, Spare Rib,

1988 Hanna, J.L, Dance, Sex and Gender, University of Chicago Press, Chicago,

1987 Newman, B, Lea Anderson of The Cholmondeleys, Dancing Times, November

1987 Banes, S, Terpischore in Sneakers: Post-Modern Dance, Weslyan University Press, Middeltown Conneticut,

1986 Mackrell, J, Cholmondeleys in, Dance Theatre Journal, Summer

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