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A New Home For The Cholmondeleys and The Featherstonehaughs

The archive and office of The Cholmondeleys and The Featherstonehaughs has moved to BV Studios in Bristol. Over 30 years worth of items relating to all productions are now safely installed.

Twitter Q&A with Marisa Zanotti & Lea Anderson


 by Pan’s People Papers

Pan’s People Papers No. 1: Live Now!

PPP1Pan’s People Papers No. 1: A Legion of Echoes is a dance theatre work on facebook and twitter by Marisa Zanotti and Lea Anderson..

Like South East Dance’s facebook page and follow pan15 to see the work unfold.

Commissioned by Arts Council England, South East Dance and Chichester University


Pans People Papers


 Lea Anderson and writer-director Marisa Zanotti are working together for the Pan Corporation on a long term project The Pan’s People Papers to explore the work of British choreographer Flick Colby in her work with the 1970s dance troupe  Pan’s People.
  The first element of the work is an inter medial dance theatre work:   Pan’s People Papers No. 1: A Legion of Echoes, commissioned by South East Dance.  It will take place over three days in  the Brighton Digital Festival in September.

Ladies & Gentlemen: New London Dates

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New dates announced for Ladies & Gentlemen  at The Place Theatre, London.

1st, 2nd & 3rd October 2015.

A beguiling and jocular soire of magic, music and dance.

 Besieged by an ever shifting and bewildering miscellany of inscrutable and enigmatic props, the last sorry remnants of a legendary music hall family doggedly endeavour to reconstruct fragments of misremembered routines and hazily recollected punch-lines, in a hopeless attempt to revive their all but forgotten Music Hall act.

Performers: Gareth Clark, Belinda Neave, Marega Palser, Caroline Sabin and Bert Van Gorp

Choreography and direction: Lea Anderson

Words, music and musical direction: Steve Blake

Design: Tim Spooner

Funded by Arts Council Wales, Arts Council England and Chapter Arts Cardiff.