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New work for National Youth Dance Wales premieres Riverfront Theatre and Arts Centre, Newport, Wales. Choreographed by Lea Anderson, music composed by Steve Blake, costume design by George Hampton Wale. Photos by Sian Trenberth.


In summer 2021- Chelsea Theatre in West London invited Lea Anderson to create a bespoke project to mark the end of lock-down.

Lea created the first DANCE-CAPTURE collection. Inspired by her residency at the Horniman museum, London and her Creative Fellowship at the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum Exeter 2019/2020, Lea and Chelsea theatre set up a bespoke outdoor film studio and invited anyone who had a dance that they wished to donate to the Dance-Capture collection to come and be filmed by a professional crew. 

The response was overwhelming and unpredictable. The crew filmed street dance, tango, ballet, capoeira, disco, contemporary and traditional dances from England, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and Bulgaria. 

Some contributors started dancing in lockdown, others had a history of dancing with groups or alone.

Elvis Legs (Quarantine Mix)

The Cha-Cha-Lies & Feverwhores present Tadaas!!!

Lost Duets from Yippeee!!! 2006, Performed from Hidden Locations for your Entertainment by students from Trinity Laban as part of the Historical project. 

In this work the dancers were taken through the same process to create duets as the original dancers in Yippeee!!! 2006. The huge difference of course was that the dancers were in lockdown. We used this opportunity to examine the nature of a duet and to ask the question- How can a duet be created when the partners are not in the same location? This is result of that investigation. 


Choreographer & director: Lea Anderson 

Rehearsal Director: Valentina Formenti 

Original music by Steve Blake, played by Yum Yum Band 

Original design & quarantine proposition: Simon Vincenzi 

Film tutorials by Frances Scott & Phil Coy 

Dancer Duets: 

Charlotte & Andrea

 Anna & Harriet

 Emma & Julia

 Emily & Amelia

 Eleni & Chloe

 Frankie & Megan

 Maitland & Niamh

 Stephanie & Brittany

 Ciara & herself

 Charlie & Inka 

Rebecca & Bethany 

Elvis Legs (Quarantine Mix)

Premiere of our new lock-down film project, funded by our wonderful supporters & hosted by Pavilion Dance South West

Thursday July 9th 2020

Maho Ihara in Elvis Legs (Quarantine Mix)

Harry Alexander

How To Do Stuff

How To Do Stuff

New work created by Lea with 3rd year students at Northern School of Contemporary Dance is now available to view on the school website.

This project started immediately after lockdown and all the work has been created by students in their homes.

The students each created their own “How To” video, copying and improving internet content.

Images above by Niamh Milligan, Louis Thato Partridge, Reynaldo Santos, Colette Kite, Amber Howells and Nicole Nevitt

Elvis Legs (QM) We made it!

Thank you very much to everyone who generously supported our Kickstarter campaign to create Elvis Legs (Quarantine Mix). We raised £13,134 in total and we have already started work on the film. No release date yet but coming very soon.

Elvis Legs (Quarantine Mix)

I have launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a new filmed version of Elvis Legs, first created for The Featherstonehaughs Go Las Vegas in 1995. This project will incorporate 3 casts of Elvis legs (9 dancers) who will perform and film the dance at home, creating a 9 panel Quarantine Mix. This project will pay unemployed dancers languishing at home to dance and will be free to watch for a lockdown audience. !8 days to go to raise the full sum. . . .

Laberinto Gallery


Peruvian contemporary dance company’s first commissioned work tours to the UK in January 2020

Laberinto, Lea’s work for Danza PUCP in Lima Peru with music by Steve Blake, costume design by Alonso Nuñez and staging and lighting design by Mariano Marquez will be touring the UK for the first time with performances at:

Bristol Old Vic Studio- 16, 17, 18 January 2020

Swansea, Express Yourself Festival, Elysium Gallery- 21 January 2020

Newport Riverfront Theatre- 23 January 2020